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from which the normal  citizen is entitled  to
" (10) That the provisions and principles em-
bodied in this Declaration shall be more fully
defined in a code of fundamental human rights
which shall be made easily accessible to everyone.
This Declaration shall not be qualified nor
departed from upon any pretext whatever. It
incorporates all previous Declarations of Human
Right. Henceforth for a new era it is the
fundamental law for mankind throughout the
whole world.
" No treaty and no law affecting these primary
rights shall be binding upon any man or province
or administrative division of the community,
that has not been made openly, by and with the
active or tacit acquiescence of every adult
citizen concerned, either given by a direct
majority vote of the community affected or
through the majority vote of his publicly elected
representatives. In matters of collective be-
haviour it is by the majority decision men must
abide. No administration, under a pretext of
urgency, convenience or the like, shall be
entrusted with powers to create or further define
offences or set up by-laws, which will in any way
infringe the rights and liberties here asserted.
All legislation must be public and definite. No